The concepts developed at SAT have evolved from work done at UCT and the pioneering Chris Barnard Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Meet the People:

about-prof-peter-zillaProfessor Peter Zilla

Medical Director and CEO

Professor Zilla, age 59, is the incumbent of the Chris Barnard Chair at the University of Cape Town, he is the Director of UCT’s Cardiovascular Research Unit. His background as both basic scientist and heart surgeon is reflected in two MDs, one PhD and one PD degree from the Universities of Vienna (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland) and Cape Town (South Africa) as well as four surgical specialist qualifications in Europe and South Africa Africa and 21 international patents for implantable cardio vascular devices.


Prof David WilliamsProfessor David Williams

Chairman & Scientific Director

Professor Williams, age 69, is one of the world’s leading authorities on biomaterials and implantable medical devices, with 40 years experience in the academic, governmental, legal and industrial aspects of this business. He was at the University of Liverpool, UK, until the end of 2007 where he established one of the world’s first bio-materials research laboratories in 1967 and, over the following years a Department of Clinical Engineering.

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Dr Deon BezuidenhoutProfessor Deon Bezuidenhout

Technical Director

Professor Bezuidenhout, age 49, holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science and specialises in the development of biomaterial scaffolds and biomimetic matrices for tissue engineering and regeneration applications. As Associate Professor and Head of the Biomaterial Sciences Laboratories at the Cardiovascular Research Unit (CRU) at UCT, he has 20 years experience with the design, synthesis, modification, and processing of polymers for use in cardiovascular and related prostheses.

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