Tavi System

Balloon expandable TAVIs –
– also targeting pure regurgitation
  • Non-occlusive deployment
  • No rapid pacing required
  • Tactile feedback confirms positioning

Tavi Deployment Device

Intuitive, tactile insertion device
  • Non occlusive self homing trans apical delivery
  • Minimal dependence on advanced imaging technologies
  • No rapid pacing required
  • Maintains coronary perfusion
  • Backflow protected
  • Easy retrieval
  • Low dependence on clinical expertise
  • Sheathless insertion

Tavi Stent

Scalloped, continuous leaflet attachment.
Expansion controlled arm protrusion
  • Anchoring design embraces compliant roots
  • Extended fatigue life
  • Balloon expandable
  • Allows coronary access through spacious stent geometry
  • Minimised infra-annular tissue interferences
  • Generous landing zone
Multilevel Anchorage Capacity
  • Protruding arms engage leaflet body
  • Mild infra-annular flare
  • Leaflet-tenting supports coronary inflow
  • Continuous leaflet attachment line ensures even stress distribution

Size Range

20mm 23mm 26mm 29mm
Well exceeding ISO specification


The new generation of long lasting polymeric and tissue leaflets
  • Durable
  • Immune quiescent
  • Minimises suspension stress
  • Mass producible

Calcification of SAT Tavi Leaflets

0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 Calcium (µg/mg) Conventional GA treatment SAT PERICARDIUM SAT Polymer 124.00 3.00 0.01

Polymeric Leaflets

  • Biostable polymeric leaflets
  • Thin leaflets allow lower crimp profile
  • Stent encapsulation reduces stress in leaflets resulting in extended durability
  • Focus on leaflet smoothness further reduced thrombogenicity
  • Continuous line of attachment ensures longevity

Biostability of SAT Polymer Leaflets

25 Weeks of accelerated In-Vivo Corrosion

Bioprosthetic Leaflets

Reduces calcification of bovine pericardium by 97% through:
  • Decellularisation and triple cross linking
  • Long and short range crosslinks
  • Replacing unstable double bond with stable saturated bond
  • Continuous line of attachment ensures continual stress reduction